Irrigation & water management


Ciak company since 2002 working with the Provincial Fund for Agricultural Development of Vojvodina. For these few years of our cooperation, we have become one of the largest suppliers of funds, with a very high percentage of passing the request of users who have applied for funds of funds.

Fund-purpose loans for irrigation and greenhouse markets twice a year, in late February and late August.

Required documents:

All approved loans, implemented by our company, subject to subsidies for the return of funds placed by the Ministry of Agriculture announces. Our company provides you with the necessary documents:

These loans are at the moment, the most favorable agricultural loans in Europe and are usually given in two groups:


intended procurement of new systems of irrigation type drop by drop, Typhon, AL.cevi and agricultural nozzle, filters and filter stations, pumps and generators, central lines.


intended for the purchase and construction of greenhouses, procurement of new films for the existing facilities, purchase of small machines for the processing of land in greenhouses: milling machine and cultivators, agril foil, building systems for heating greenhouses and greenhouse equipment completely.


Our company has a very high throughput by banks in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture granted subsidized loans. Loans are granted a 5% interest rate and a grace period of 9-12 months, 5 years repayment period and amount of loans granted in 5000 Euros.